Paradores of Spain

The Paradores of Spain are so much more than mere hotels. They are repositories of the romance and passion that is the history of this country. These special places literally exude the ancient perfume of Spain’s majesty and mystery. Experiencing the Paradores of Spain is ‘cultural tourism’ at it’s best – and a giant step above the usual tourist experience.The Paradores of Spain are medieval castles, Arab fortresses, monasteries, palaces and ancient manor houses. These are places of great historical interest and rare beauty.

Just because many of the Paradors are buildings that are centuries old – don’t be fooled. All have been refurbished and brought up to the highest quality of modern convenience and service. These are superlative accommodations and combine features that will captivate any traveler; enthralling architecture, fascinating history, exquisite cuisine, delightful ambience and impeccable service. In a word, they are unmatched.To stay at a Parador is to experience sensations unexpected and rare. They embody a harmonious combination of history, comfort, and beauty that creates pleasant emotions which linger long after the stay is over. Each of the 90 Paradores is unique, yet there is a continuity of quality, cuisine and service that comes to be expected and trusted as you travel from Parador to Parador.The Paradores of Spain chain was founded in 1928 by order of King Alphonso XIII. From the beginning, they were meant to provide more-than-adequate accommodations set at appropriate distance intervals around the country. They have evolved today into a chain of 90 Paradors. It is rarely more than a few hours, or at most half-a-day’s drive between one Parador and the next. This now makes traveling by car in Spain a real pleasure. The traveler can explore out-of-the-way areas and really get to know the country – always confident that a delightful place to rest – one of the fine Paradores of Spain is awaiting just a little ways down the road.Another thing that separates the Spanish Paradors from other hotel chains is their commitment to environmental protection as they undertake their many restoration projects. They are thereby helping maintain both the natural and cultural heritage of Spain.Dining in the Parador restaurants is always an enjoyable experience. Each Spanish Parador offers a menu that centers around the traditional dishes of the local region, yet prepared in a style that sets them apart. Many of Spain’s finest chefs oversee the restaurants in various Paradors. There is always offered a “set-menu” at a very affordable price – then also an array of specialty dishes for the more adventuresome and discerning diner. The Parador wine lists invariably feature some of Spain’s best.There has developed a very large and international group of people who would never think of staying anywhere else while in Spain. Only the rare hotel around the world inspires this kind of loyalty. The Spanish Paradors are that special. If you have the chance, by all means go out of your way to experience these wonderful accommodations. You may find that you too become a true aficionado of the Paradores of makes it easy

for you to plan and arrange your next trip to Spain. This time stay in palaces, castles, and

other places of great historical interest and rare beauty – the wonderful Paradors of Spain

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