Rock Hunting on The Bench in Powell, Wyoming

For those of you going to the Yellowstone Park area, you might be interested in taking a small detour to the town of Powell, Wyoming during your trip. Follow the highway from Yellowstone’s East gate to Cody. You will travel about 22 miles East from Cody to Powell then turn North onto the small town’s main street. Go through the town and follow the road up to the “bench” area North of town.The bench is strewn with colorful pieces of agatized wood and Indian artifacts. In areas

you will be able to walk amongst actual Indian TP rings left by our native ancestors, and

at one point on the Western edge you can look down upon an ancient arrow made of rock

pointing West. The purpose of the arrow has as of yet been undiscovered. In some of the

Northern areas of the bench, you can still view pictoglyphs also left by early natives.The bench area is open field, so you will want to be sure to take clothing to protect you in

hot summer suns as temperatures can soar to over 100 degrees. While under snow at

some points of the winter months, usually December and January, the area is searchable

most of the year and especially enjoyable in early spring.

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