The Winter is Almost Here, Where Do We Escape for Vacations Now?

After a long year, nice spring, summer, and fall. Winter knocks the door and cool winds, rain, and snow will make us feel like the life is over again. We need to get away, escape to a nice and warm tropical island which allows us to smile, enjoy, and sleep as if we were children again.Sun, brilliant white sand, aquamarine seas. Sound like Caribbean of your imagination? This tropical paradise exists on all twenty-seven islands of the Caribbean, from the most famous beaches to the out-of-the-way cays.The Caribbean is also rich with surpirses. Wander the islands and you will hear eight major languages. You might also see a cricket match, a colorful street festival, and brisk action at the blackjack tables.With its pleintful coral reefs, the waters of the Caribbean were made for scuba diving. Colorful snorkeling gear and flippers are poolside everywhere. And those pools; they come every shape and size, from spawling complexes with swim-up bars to private plunge pools.Deciding where to stay is half the fun. How about a funky cabana right on the beach? A luxury suite? Your perfect place to sleep may be in either of these settings or any in between two palms.The Caribbean is all about unwiding; however you choose to do it, and, of course, eating. Savor jerk fish fresh off the grill or sample gourmete cussine. A simple glass of mango juice may be just the thing to refresh you.

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