Man has always been curious about finding new things and new places. It is because of this curiosity that now we know our whole world. It led to great discoveries of new lands and cultures. Men have been traveling since ancient times driven by different motives. Sometimes it was for education, sometimes for business and gold hunting and at other times, simply for pleasure. Whatever had been the purpose, traveling has been the source of novel detections and inventions.There are many examples of new discoveries made through traveling. The greatest one was made by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the historical finding of America. The intention of Columbus was a socio-economic one. Regardless of the goal behind traveling, it paved the way for development of new ties around the world, spread of civilization in non-civilized regionsAnother thing that traveling does to a person, is to bring him close to the nature. Whoever has traveled to such places, would agree to this point. It does not matter that places traveled must be really beautiful and scenic. Even a desert can make one have a same experience. The experience of grandiosity of this world. In my view, it moved us towards God. We feel close to God when we are close to nature. There is a famous saying, “Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kind of people” (Mark Twain).Another thing traveling did on communal basis, is development of new cultures and civilizations. Many new civilizations took birth from the fusion of one or more cultures. American culture is one big example. Blending of cultures also produce new languages. English is one example as well as Urdu. The present culture of Turkey is also an example of combination of eastern and western cultures. It is a way of survival and it has shown by the history.It will be foolish not to mention the old instinct for travel and that is for treasure hunts. In past people used to travel to find gold, diamonds, and sometimes merely money. Some died; some really found something and some never returned from their excursions. However, this thing has not died even in this modern era. Now teams or groups of people travel to find valuable natural items to boost their country’s economy or defense power. Now it is done at industrial level with all new tools and equipments. But the spirit has not died which is ‘Curiosity’.In the End, we can say that whatever the world is now and whatever we see now, owes its existence due to traveling. Had it not been for man’s inquisitive nature, we would not be so enlightened about our world’s different colors. Apart from the view of new findings, traveling soothes our sense and gives us a new birth. “When one realizes that his life is worthless, he either commits suicide or travel” (Edward Dahlberg). How clear and to precise one can be. It in itself is a way of personal reform and treatment of psychological ailments. Traveling helps our inner growth to occur. Our inner eye is awakened and we feel we are a part of this great universe. This automatically makes one humble and opens one’s heart to other’s problems and pains.

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